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  Rowing, sailing and drifting the entire length of the Yukon with minimal Zero days and no resupplies.    Class 1 river with 1 class 2 section.  ETA 25-30 days with 60 mile a day minimum.  This will be the most physically demanding section of the trip as I will row 6-8 hours daily.  Speed is of the essence as I will have quite a few days sitting out storms on the seas.  This will help mitigate that.  Blinders on- time to grind.


Conditions pending my primary route would take me 210 miles across the open Bering sea to the safety of St. Paul Island.  With the primary goal of reaching Attu-the furthest west point in the United States- this bold move would save hundreds of miles.  This is not a route decision that will be made easily.


A safer and shorter route will be considered after a rigorous  evaluation.  Hugging the coast  to False Pass for the great eastern turn back home-this portion will be to sail fast and hide faster to avoid being crushed in the Jaws of the Bearing.


 Racing across the Shelikoff Strait to the safety of Kodiak and it's countless bays- I plan on resting at Bear Island with an old fishing crew for repairs and rest.  The last  sea leg will be arduous but will be employing the same tactic on the bearing.  Expect to to wait out many storms here.  Patience young one.  The end is nigh.


   Leaving my boat in Skagway I will lighten up considerably and transition to backpacking/ packrafting.   Take the Chilkoot trail, skirt Lake Bennett on foot then hop in my raft at Carmacks and paddle to the Whitehorse.  The end doesn't mean easy.  These 150 will be earned  with blood sweat and champagne.


Whitehorse BC to Emmonak 1,800 miles

Emmonak to St. Paul Island Route 1

Ammonak to False Pass Option 2

Bear Island- Skagway 1,400 miles

Bear Island- Skagway 1,400 miles

Skagway to Whitehore  150 miles

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